Friday, November 16, 2007

three button earring

three button earring
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brinco com três botoes.


michelle said...

Hi, Just a quick note to let you know that I'm talking about button jewelry in Beading Daily tomorrow (November 28) and featuring a link to your earrings as an example.

Zaz said...

oh now those are so much fun!!! i definatly love them, they are not frilly.
hah! my husband chris will have a task this weekend. (i am making him in charge of the wire work and i do the rest). this way i can knit and it takes time off of my back to do the finishings on beading or finding buttons in this case.
a man't gotta have a hobby too, you know?!

Pooka said...

Very fun! Came here from Beading Daily, and those earrings are ADORABLE. I've got tons of now no-longer-wearable kids clothes that had fabulous buttons on them, and since the clothes aren't in any condition to be donated, I can snag those buttons and turn out some charming earrings for the grandmother from their granddaughter's clothes.

I lOVE it!!1

norma said...

realmente adorable y practico. ademas uno podria convinar los botones de acuerdo a los utilizados en una prenda, para personalizarlos. Me encanto!!!! saludos. NORMA

Abby said...

This is a really great way to use buttons in earrings! I'm looking for some cleaver ways to use a collection of random buttons. Thanks!